Host Committees & Delegados

A special thank you to our Host Committee members and our Delegados, Associate Board, for helping to make this year's gala possible!

Host Committee Members


Committee Chair: Armin and Gail Cantini*
Mary Jon Bryan*
Doug and Joan McLeod
Jim and Dancie Ware*
Joe and Rebecca Jaworski*
Trey Click
Craig and Angela Brown


Committee Chair: Philip and Maurie Cannon
Coordinators: Todd and Felicia Stinnett
John Bryan
Jay and Guylene Lendrum*
Matt and Janet Miller*
Tom and Carol Harper*
Russell and Jolyn West Scheirman
Pat and Katie Oxford*
Jack and Jan Cato*


Coordinators: Pam and George (Boots) Willeford
Catherine Armstrong and Ben Love*
Harriet O'Neil and Kerry Cammack
Clay and Ann Johnson
Jeanette Cook
Alice and Eric Fultz
George Pond

San Antonio

Coordinator: Alicia Bryan
Ed and Ellen Sealy
Eleanor and Harry Halff
Mark and Caroline Johnson
Jim and Karol Raines
Bruce and Julianne Bartlett*


Cherry and Scott Morris
Tommy and Linda Barrow*
James and Judy Clement*
Steve and Linda Ivy
Steve and Emily Summers
David and Jane Carothers

*Old 300 Members

Delegados, Associate Board

Joe S. Jaworski, President
Blake McCrory, Secretary
Susan Noe Wilson
Justice (Hon.) Ken Wise
Hon. Geoff Connor
Hon. John Manlove
Gary Pitts
June Deadrick
Bryce Linsenmayer
Dancie Ware
Hon. Peter K. Taaffe
Sam Collins, III



Bonnie Angle
Jim Angle
James Anderson
Chris Becker
Brent Bell
Sherrie Bender
Summer Bloom
Anne Boyd
Jordan Bryan
Cindy Buckley
Helen Bullwinkel
Jackie Campbell
Barbara Canetti
Felix Carrillo
Alison Christensen
Jami Coker
Rose Daniels
Babetta Demmeck
Jack Evins
Debbie Gremillion
Theresa Hall
Ashley Hart

Charlette Kachelmeyer
Jan Kittler
Lynne Langdale
Sharon Lilly
Jan Malone
Tom Malone
Judy Marshall
Debra McCracken
Harold McCracken
Randy McDonald
Earl McLaughlin
Brady Mora
Carol Jean Mulrain
Peggy Purvis
Jo Rader
Donna Reznicek
Claire Rhoads
Denise Stigge
Jeff Warren
Ginny Weyland